• Companions on the Journey to Canaan

    You can tell a lot about a person by the people they hang around with. Someone, I forgot who, once said, “Show me a man’s friends and I will show you the man.”

    Who are Jesus’ friends? When we read the Gospels, Jesus seems to spend a great deal of time with the poor, those who were blind, deaf, ignorant, tax collectors, prostitutes, those possessed by demons, and very simple people. In short, we could say people who were broken and who knew it and did not try to hide behind any illusions or any false estimation about their own

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  • “Entering Canaan” Day of Prayer and Healing for Men

    They gathered together on Saturday, October 17, 2009, in the Bronx—they came from far and near, from all races, and from differing educational backgrounds and vocations. They differed in many other ways—but they had one thing in common—they were all suffering from the pain, anger and in some cases self-loathing that comes from being a post-abortive individual. Oh, they also had one other thing in common—they were all men!!Some may ask how a man could possibly suffer from the aftermath of an abortion—after all it was not his child. How wrong that statement is because all one had to do

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  • For Better or Worse

    It is one of the questions you never think to ask during premarital preparation – “Gee, honey, did you ever have an abortion?” Just imagine the reaction of your future wife to that question!!!

    I know, because I never thought to ask that question. It never occurred to me to even contemplate asking it, and looking back over our 29 years of marriage it is probably the one thing from both of our pasts that has affected our marriage more than any other.

    It was not until we had been married a little over two years that I discovered that little

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  • My Confession

    I left a girl pregnant.

    We had started to go out recently, less than a month, when we became sexually active. Before two months had gone by, she suspected she was pregnant. She wasn’t in a good moment in her life. Many hard situations in her past had brought their toll on her, including an instance of sexual abuse, extreme poverty and other types of really cruel, emotional abuse. I was attracted to her a lot, but we weren’t in love, everything was too new for love to have grown.

    At that time I didn’t want to have a kid

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  • I Didn’t Have a Choice

    In October of 2006 I found out I was going to be a Father. My girlfriend of 6 months was pregnant with our child. Neither of us planned this pregnancy, or had even talked about the possibility of getting pregnant. That was about to become my biggest regret. Like I said I wasn’t ready to have a child. She said she couldn’t go forth in having a child and needed to abort. She went to the nursing staff at Boston College a week or two after she found out she was pregnant. The nurse at BC told her that she

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  • Hope for Post Abortive Men

    This is a letter I received from a post abortive dad. I know that his feelings are shared by many post abortive men. It is easy for us to sometimes forget the wide impact abortion has had, but our world is filled with people hurting from a past abortion, whether it is the mom, dad, siblings, grandparent or a friend. May we always be aware of the possibility of those around us hurting, and may we be a sign of God’s great Mercy and forgiveness!

    May 1, 2010

    Hi Theresa,

    Today is the Day of Prayer and Healing for Men

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  • Waves of Regret

    I am sorry. How many times have I said that to myself, in prayer, in confession, the pang of regret that hits you? I learned to shove it aside. To try to bury it, but it doesn’t stay buried.

    Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, all special events, would stir the memory of a horrible decision I made when I was 19 years old. Old enough to know, but, still so young. Then, denial. Maybe it didn’t happen, maybe she wasn’t pregnant, or it wasn’t wrong. It’s not illegal. Everybody is doing it! Then, the pang of regret hits again, maybe with a

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  • God was in The Chapel

    Thank you so much for all your hard work making the Men’s
    Retreat happen! I feel very blessed to be in contact with you and now Father Mariusz and Bob as well!

    It was a very, very important day in my life. I am still processing
    it. There are so many thoughts and emotions that I experienced.
    My main lesson of today was to trust Jesus and accept his mercy.
    While I was speaking with the younger priest, he told me to open
    up my heart and then ask Jesus to touch it to do His healing work.

    This is

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